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Cassius Clay / Muhammad Ali

Ceferino Garcia

Bob Olin

Ali's Opponents

Kid Gavilan

Carlos Ortiz

Lou Ambers 

Jimmy Goodrich

Ken Overlin

Henry Armstrong

Rocky Graziano

Billy Papke

Abe Attell

Harry Greb

Floyd Patterson

Ceaser Attell

Emile Griffith

Willie Pep

Max Baer

Marvin Hagler

Aaron Pryor

Buddy Baer

Marvin Hart

Jerry Quarry

Bare Knuckle Fighters

Tommy Hearns

Willie Ritchie

Carmen Basilio

Heavyweight Contenders

Sugar Ray Robinson

Jack "Kid" Berg

Larry Holmes

Jack Root

James J. Braddock

Great White Hopes

Maxie Rosenbloom

Jimmy Britt

Jewish fighters

Barney Ross

Jack Britton

Beau Jack

Tommy Ryan

Tommy Burns

Peter Jackson

Sandy Saddler

Tony Canzoneri

James J. Jeffries

Salvador Sanchez

Primo Carnera

Eder Jofre

Max Schmeling

Georges Carpentier

Ingemar Johansson

Jack Sharkey

Jimmy Carruthers

Jack Johnson

Tom Sharkey

Marcel Cerdan

Louis Kid Kaplan

Billy Soose

Ezzard Charles

Stanley Ketchel

Leon Spinks

Kid Chocolate

Johnny Kilbane

Michael Spinks

Henry Cooper

Jake Kilrain

Freddie Steele

Billy Conn

Fidel LaBarba

John L. Sullivan

James J. Corbett

Jake LaMotta

Bud Taylor

Young Corbett

Sam Langford

Lew Tendler

Johnny Coulon

Pete Latzo

Joe Thomas

Eugene Criqui

Benny Leonard

Dick Tiger

Jack Delaney

Ted Kid Lewis

Joe Tipman

Tony DeMarco

Sugar Ray Leonard

Jose Torres

Jack Dempsey

Sonny Liston

Gene Tunney

Jack Dempsey (Nonpareil)

Tommy Loughran

Randy Turpin

Jack Dillon

Joe Louis

Mike Tyson

Mike Donovan

Sammy Mandell

Pancho Villa

Joe, Johnny, Vince Dundee

Rocky Marciano

Barbados Joe Walcott

Roberto Duran

Joey Maxim

Jersey Joe Walcott

Frank Erne

Kid McCoy

Mickey Walker

Jackie Fields

Terry McGovern

Freddie Welsh

Luis Firpo

Jimmy McLarnin

Jimmy Wilde

Robert Fitzsimmons

Freddie Mills

Ike Williams

Tiger Flowers

Carlos Monzon

Kid Williams

George Foreman

Archie Moore

Jess Willard

Bob Foster

Frankie Neil

Harry Wills

Joe Frazier

Battling Nelson

Ad Wolgast

Gene Fullmer

Ken Norton

Zivic Brothers

Tony Galento

Philadelphia Jack O'Brien

Tony Zale

Joe Gans

Mike O'Dowd






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